CityScape Engineering

At CityScape, we offer our clients the advantage of enhanced project controls by providing surveying services from conceptual to construction layout. Our professional land surveyors are licensed in the States of New Jersey and New York providing accuracy and precision to the urban developments.

High-Definition Surveying 3D laser scanning (3DLS) services. This new technology reduces labor and construction costs by streamlining data gathering, expediting design schedules, and improving the overall design process.  By providing instant, real-time field data collection, contractors, engineers, and architects are able to better visualize the true 'as-built' conditions of any facility or site. By streamlining data gathering, high-definition surveying (HDS) captures 'as built'/' as-found' information from any man-made or natural structure for any application. Service List >

Our engineers and professionals draw from a diverse background in commercial, residential, institutional and development expertise. We are uniquely positioned to provide a varied array of services that can tackle anything from plans for a swimming pool for the single family home owner to large commercial / residential projects for the national corporations. Service List >

In terms of permitting, CityScape has facilitated permits with every conceivable regulatory agency. Permit List >